Sunday, November 16, 2014

Plants That Cause Blisters on Skin

Two of the most common plants that cause blisters or a plant rash are poison oak and poison sumac. The allergic skin reaction that these plants cause can be seen in people of all ages. It can also be experienced by family pets, such as dogs and cats.

Prevent Allergic Reaction to Plants
This is one reason why you should be careful about the type of plants that you allow your family pets to come in contact with. It is not only important to warn children about plants such as poison oak and poison sumac. You must take steps to ensure that if you are outdoors, your dogs or cats cannot get in contact with these plants and get a plant rash.

Allergic Reaction to Plants Sometimes Caused by Urishol
The oils in poison sumac and poison oak are responsible for skin irritation. These oils can enter the skin of dogs, cats and human beings really quickly and cause a plant rash. If you suspect that you or your child has been in contact with one of these plants that cause blisters, you must try to remove as much of the oil from your skin as you can. Do this as quickly as possible.

Urishol in poison oak and poison sumac triggers and allergic reaction to plants. Washing your skin off with water will help to get the oils off once you do it within a few minutes of coming into contact with substances like urishol that cause plant allergies. Thoroughly wash any shoes, clothes or accessories that may have come in contact with the plant oils as well. All of these can cause an allergic reaction to plants if oils stay on them.

Treating Plant Allergies- Use An Outdoor Skin Cleanser
An outdoor skin cleanser such as Tecnu Poison Ivy Scrub or Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser can help you to get irritating oils off your skin and prevent a rash from plant reaction. If you are going camping or hiking, or plan to remove itchy plants from around your home, it's a good idea to have a cleanser like this with you.

Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser for Rash From Plant Outdoors- Customer Reviews
"This is the best product on the market for preventing poison Ivy and Oak. I'm in contact with poison Ivy/Oak almost every day, I put this product on prior to going out and then again after moving brush (or being in contact with the poison). I immediately shower and put it on again. IT WORKS! "

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Plant Rash Allergies More Pronounced If Oils Stay on Skin
Poison oak and poison sumac will cause a rash from plant. Blisters, redness and itching are common signs of a rash from plant if the oil is allowed to remain on the skin. The symptoms of this reaction will be less pronounced if you get the oil off your skin as quickly as possible. These plants that cause blisters will have the same effect on your family pets. If your dog or cat has been outdoors and comes back in with redness, a rash and itching, it may be that they have rubbed against one of these plants that cause blisters.

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